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2017 Addo Elephant Trail Run

The Addo Elephant Trail Run is a set of ultra-distance trail runs that traverse the Addo Elephant National Park. The event takes place in March each year and the 2017 dates are already set for 10-12 March. The race starts at the Kabouga entrance gate of the Addo Elephant National Park just outside of the village of Kirkwood.

Participants experience the thrill of running wild when taking on the 44km, 76km or 100 Mile (160km) ultra trail runs through the vast Addo Elephant National Park.

We love this photographic story of a Kirkwood mother and her teenage son who tackled the 44km event this year. Thank you Yvonne and Robin van Tol for the super images and captions.

Addo Elephant Trail run start

An early start.

Addo Elephant Trail run river

Trying to keep the shoes dry.

Addo Elephant Trail run

We can go around that way.

Addo Eelephant Trail run

After mastering the monster climb I was very happy to hug that one tree.

Addo Elephant Trail run flower

What’s life if you don’t have time to smell the (Addo) roses?

Addo Elephant Trail run

Every step we take we get one step closer to the finish.

Addo Elephant Trail run

Our very welcome pool just before the start of the last climb up the mountain.

Addo Elephant Trail run spa

The pool turned out to be a foot spa…. bonus!

Addo Elephant Trail run

The last km, the pain was real…..just put one foot in front of the other.

Addo Elephant Trail run finish

This is what kept us going along the way, the long awaited finish.

Interested in taking part in the 2017 Addo Elephant Trail Run?

Sign up on the Addo Elephant Trail Run website to be notified when the 2017 entries open. The event takes place on 10 – 12 March 2017. Chrislin African Lodge offers the perfect Addo Accommodation and we are just a 30 minute drive to the start.