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Addo Summer Sunsets

We are truly blessed here at Chrislin African Lodge. Where else in the world does sunset approach in such splendour?

We love watching our aptly named Sunset Huts begin to glow as the light changes and the sun begins to set in the African sky. Our spacious garden offer guests stunning views across the Addo countryside and each evening we get to watch as a new scene unfolds. Some sunsets are dramatic and vibrant while others are more calm and tranquil.

Summer Sunsets at Spacious Addo Lodge

Guests often make the most of warm summer evenings by spending time in our large garden. We often light a fire in our boma and most guests enjoy some time here before enjoying a delicious home cooked meal in our Sneezewoods dining room.

Did you enjoy an Addo sunset during your stay with us? We would love to see your sunset pictures. Please share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.