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Free Route via Addo Elephant National Park

There are two wonderful scenic routes to Chrislin via the Addo Elephant National Park. We have included the free scenic route from Port Elizabeth airport through the park in this blog.

We’ve also posted the other suggested routes, including the most direct and another options through the Addo park. We would love to find out your suggested route to our Addo Lodge. Please post your suggestions on our Chrislin Facebook page.

Free Travel Route via Addo Elephant National Park

This suggested route is approximately 85 kilometers or 53 miles. It should take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive without any stops. It includes a section on untarred road through the Addo Elephant National park without having to pay the entrance fee.

The route starts in Port Elizabeth and follows the coast on the N2 north to Colchester. Shortly after crossing the Sunday’s River and passing the hamlet of Colchester, the road splits with the N2 going on towards Grahamstown and the N10 branching towards Paterson. Turn onto the N10 towards Paterson at this intersection.

You may want to stop at the lovely farm stall called Nanaga. The freshly baked pies are hard to resist!

Poor Man’s Addo Elephant Park Game Drive

Shortly after passing the Schotia Safaris reception turn left onto the untarred road signed to Addo. This road passes through the Addo Elephant National Park but does not require you to pay the entrance fee.

The route is locally known as the ‘poor man’s game drive’ as it is possible to spot elephants and other wildlife along the way for free! The route is a public road.

Once through the Addo Elephant Park you will turn right at the T-junction onto the R335 to the village of Addo.

Shortly after Addo village you will turn left onto the R336 and then left again onto the untarred road signed to Chrislin Lodge.

Please contact us on or call us on +27 42 233 0022. We look forward to welcoming you.