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Sneezewoods Youtube Countdown

As previously mentioned, Chrislin African Lodge is really undergoing a facelift. (Read June Newsletter)

We are building three family units, also ideal for couples travelling together. They will be aptly named ‘Sunset Huts’. And these Addo sunsets are quite stunning at the moment! Sneezewoods, out in-house restaurant and wedding venue, is getting a brand new head of hair and general renovation.

Sneezewoods is creating much excitement as Grant & Gemma, friends of Chrislin African Lodge, are getting married here on the 5th July. I’ve recorded some of the progress in movie format and am attempting to update the video’s each week. 25 days to go today! We all love watching these guys work. They make thatching look so easy!

Watch the Chrislin African Lodge’s Youtube Channel for further updates!

This is the latest: