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Top TripAdvisor Addo Accommodation Reviews

While the unknown can excite some people, it can be intimidating for others. Trying new things is not everyone’s cup of tea and some travelers need a bit more information before making their final accommodation decisions. Many guests rely on the opinions of others and a great website to find Addo accommodation reviews is TripAdvisor.

Top TripAdvisor Addo Accommodation Reviews

We appreciate the time that each guest takes to add a review on TripAdvisor about their stay with us. We read and try to improve based on guest feedback. It is really important to us. These are some of the features that the majority of guests mention in their TripAdvisor reviews of our top Addo accommodation:

  • Hospitable staff who love meeting people from around the world and listen to their stories.
  • Warm greetings and friendly service.
  • Beautiful garden and pool area, perfect for relaxing and soaking up the hot, African sun.
  • Excellent food – not just breakfast, but delicious lunches and 3-course South African cuisine.
  • Authentic and luxurious African-style huts with comfortable beds.
  • In-house activity operator, Crisscross Adventures, offering exciting activities.
  • Furry friends, especially Jack the German shepherd.

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Recent TripAdvisor Reviews for our Addo Accommodation

 “The staff was extremely friendly and they did everything to make our stay perfect! – TamraB_180”

“The staff were extremely welcoming friendly and helpfull. – Travelal0t2”

“Extremely friendly staff that is remarkable even for the high South African standards.  – asdfjkll”

“It is unlike any mud hut I’d imagined. It has the most enormous and comfortable bed imaginable and it has everything one would need for a very enjoyable stay.  – Jane A”

“When we told our daughters we were staying in mud huts they did not expect luxury. Beautiful huts, clean comfortable and the staff were wonderful. We had breakfast and dinner there and the staff could not do enough. Food was excellent. The pool was great with a area to relax with WiFi. Great place to stay and five minutes away from Addo. Brilliant. Thank you Chrislin. – ems20155”

“I have to confess that it was a “posh” mud hut, with ensuite! My wife booked it as a surprise and I was expecting to crawl through a hole into the hut, but no, this is luxury mud hut. Beautifully situated, lovely grounds, very nice staff, food was spot on. Can’t think what else they could do hence the 5, and the pricing was outstanding. Definitely recommend. – stevesmith10”

“My favorite part of our stay, though, was Jack the German Shepard dog–he adopted us instantly and slept outside our rondeval on the stoop both nights, there to greet us in the morning! He was definitely the highlight of our stay. 🙂 – TaraDH”

“Can’t write this without a mention of “Jack” the resident dog. Can’t imagine him being a guard dog – so friendly and obedient – Maree P”

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