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14 Days Wedding Countdown!

Click on the link and watch the Youtube video: 14 Days to Go to Grant&Gemma’s Wedding! Grant & Gemma’s Wedding Day is round the corner. The wedding venue, Sneezewoods, is thatched but not complete. Rarely do I witness such hard work, dedication, professionalism and agility in the building industry, especially in the Sundays River Valley! Don Fletcher has managed this team excellently and we have no doubt that Sneezewoods will be proudly showing herself off on the 5th July, echoing high heels, reverberating love and laughter and warming hearts in this Winter weather. However, it is still 2 weeks to go… holding thumbs that the wedding bells will peal!

Chrislin African Lodge
14 days countdown to Grant & Gemma’s wedding. Is 2 weeks enough?!