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Addo Elephant Antics

Whether  you are planning a visit to Addo Elephant National Park for the first time or you are a regular who knows just how to find your way to Harvey’s Loop or Hapoor Dam, this video is sure to make you smile!

Johan Swanepoel shared this video on YouTube in April 2015. We think he captures the wildlife in the nearby Addo Elephant Park beautifully, especially the elephant.

Many hours can be spent watching the antics of elephants in Addo Elephant National Park. Spending time with an elephant family at a watering hole has to be one of the most memorable experiences ever!

This video also features lion, zebra, buffalo, eland, meerkats, black backed jackal, kudu, hartebeest, tortoise, flightless dung beetle and warthog along with many fantastic bird sightings.

Guided Addo Safari to Enjoy Elephant Antics and More…

If you are staying at Chrislin African Lodge a day trip to Addo Elephant National Park can be arranged through our front desk. We highly recommend choosing a guided tour option. Experienced guides will ensure that you won’t miss out on even the small creatures that make Addo so unique. For example, did you know that the flightless dung beetle is endemic to our area? They even have right of way in the park!

Addo elephant by Brian Mcmorrow

Have you visited the Addo Elephant National Park? We would love to hear about the highlights of your visit. Please share your stories with us via our Chrislin African Lodge Facebook page.