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Addo Elephant Park Safari on a Budget

We think that an African safari experience is a must for any visitor to South Africa. That is why we are so excited about the Addo Elephant Park Safari Hop-On-Guide initiative. This option makes an exhilarating and informative safari experience more easily available to travellers on a budget.

Addo Elephant Park on a budget with Chrislin African Lodge

“Addo Elephant National Park is the only park which offers the use of a hop-on guide while visiting the park. Sourced from the local community and fully trained as a guide, they offer a guiding service at a nominal fee in the comfort of your own vehicle,” says South African National Parks spokesperson Fayroush Ludick.

Addo Elephant Park Safari on a Budget

If you are planning a trip to the Addo region in the Eastern Cape on a budget why not take advantage of one of our Addo Accommodation Winter Specials and then experience a guided safari through Addo Elephant Park in your own vehicle? Be sure to check out the other amazing attractions in the Addo region.