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Addo Elephant Park Unique Wildlife Encounters

Visiting nearby Addo Elephant Park is a must for guests staying with us at Chrislin African Lodge in the Eastern Cape. The thrill of the African bush and close-up wildlife encounters provide lifelong memories.

The most exciting thing about an African safari is that one never knows what to expect. The below photographs capture a unique wildlife moment, one in which we see that there is in fact safety in numbers!

Zebra and cheetah in Addo Elephant Park

Zebra and cheetah in Addo Elephant Park

This dazzle of zebra took advantage of their disruptive patterning (camouflage) which makes it difficult for the cheetah to distinguish their prey as the outline of the animal appears broken up.

Addo Elephant National Park Offers Unique Wildlife Safaris

Addo Elephant Park is the third largest national park in South Africa and is the only place where you can see the Big Seven – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, buffalo, southern right whales and great white sharks. Experienced guides delight in sharing their knowledge about the numerous wildlife and birds that inhabit our diverse region. The cherry on the top is a sighting of  the flightless dung beetle – unique to the Addo Elephant Park.

Let the team at Chrislin African Lodge arrange a safari with CrissCross Adventures. The guides are experts in their field and their Addo Tours into the Addo Elephant Park offer an ideal opportunity to experience our diverse Eastern Cape wildlife.