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Save the Elephant Day – Addo

16 April 2016 is Save the Elephant Day, a day which offers a chance to show our love and support for these much-loved giants.  Here in the Addo region we LOVE elephants and if you have ever visited the nearby Addo Elephant Park you will know why these intelligent creatures have such a special place in our hearts.

Addo elephant near Chrislin African Lodge

Addo Elephant Park Success with Elephants

It is fitting to celebrate the success of Addo Elephant Park on Save the Elephant Day, especially as elephants are threatened in many other areas. Addo Elephant National Park was established in 1931 with the aim of saving the 11 remaining elephant in the area at the time. Today, approximately 120,000 guests visit this wilderness area each year to encounter the now healthy and thriving herds of elephant, other Big 5 wildlife, antelope, birds and other creatures. Addo Elephant Park currently offers sanctuary to over 600 African elephants.

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Photos thanks to Terri Pickels of Crisscross Adventures.