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Tour Addo Elephant Park

We are super excited to announce that you can now tour the Addo Elephant National Park on Google Street View. According to SANParks, a team of more the 200 South African volunteers from across the country were involved in the project.

The project co-ordinator Andre Van Kets commented: “The Trekker camera is a 22kg custom-made backpack fitted with 15 cameras pointing in all directions. The on-board technology plots the camera’s exact location on the trail. While recording, the camera takes a 360-degree photo every two-seconds. It’s basically the off-road equivalent of Google’s Street View cars. For the first time, travellers and wildlife lovers from across the globe, can explore the full spectrum of South Africa’s diverse wilderness areas on Google Maps and Street View.”

Helpful Tool to Plan Addo Elephant Park Tour

Google Street View is a great tool to help you plan your tour to the Eastern Cape’s Big 5 Addo Elephant National Park, including a stay at Chrislin African Lodge. Take some time to explore the area virtually before deciding on your itinerary.

Once you have finalised your wish list we are happy to help with your accommodation booking as well as your activities in the Addo region. To enquire and book contact us on +27 (0)42 233 0022 or email.